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what?? who is this?? is there anybody in there? [25 Feb 2005|10:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]

umm.. well im home in blackwood for a couple weeks... and well im bored.. and im happy that im bored this is the first night in about 3 months when i have not had something to do.... i dunno i think im just gonna take a while and list random(and i mean random bitches) new/old/adjusted facts about me...

i never watch tv anymore.. i dont have the time.
although need for speed 2 underground is the best game ever.
this past valentines day i had sex in the balcony of Lupos(music venue sorta like the electric factory)while a band was playing.. with a security gaurd who works at the same place.
since i dont have school ever on fridays, thursday is my new favorite day.
i need a relationship.
now that im in college the list of drugs ive tried is up to 7.
a couple of the brothers from Growing up Gotti are hot.
my best friend is a dancer for Janet Jackson.
next saturday my parents are having a huge party and javier, amanda and dawn are comming from connecticut
i still get along amazingly with my parents
I think i got a job at Ben and Jerrys
i will not be attending a tropical hawaiian vacation
i have to go to community service cuz i got caught smoking pot by a metrosexual stoner RA near my dorms
next year i am getting my very own apartment
I am going to bonnaroo this year and it is gonna be amazing
i have to poop
i recently met someone who likes to get face fucked(ew)
I went on a date with an abercrombie and fitch model
I LOVE MY FAKE ID.. with regards to that my name is Kenneth Herrman, i live in trenton and i am 24 years old
i love The Beatles,Sgt. peppers lonely heart clubs band. mmmm
Sirius radio is the best thing ever!!!!
a 40 year old male flight attendant was hitting on me today
i got asked out by a 35 year old 400 pound man
i love tight jeans
i go to the gym 5 times a week
Ive eaten kangaroo, alligator,deer,buffalo and snake
its 11:11 and i made a wish
ill be spending a semester in either california or colorado next year
Mr. Hodlofski offered me a job in his catering company
i hate southern comfort
i act concerned about a certain relationship between 2 people( one who ive been with and one who ive had a crush on b4) but im really just jealous
a bunch of my good friends are over 30 years old
im tryin my hardest to get this fat out of my stomach(i will have abs by the summer)
ed peirce's older sister goes to my school and she is a lesbian and she has a mustache
in a few weeks my parents are going to an island in the carribean and i am so jealous
George W. Bush should be assasinated

okie im done... give me comments and urge me to keep updating

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[06 Nov 2004|06:58pm]
yah yah yah i dont even look at this thing anymore... but i got a myspace!!!

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DRUGS [14 Oct 2004|12:05am]
[ mood | horny ]

well well well.. so this saturday i took a drug a drug i never took before.....im gonna describe exactly what happened and what it felt like and you're gonna guess what drug it was!!... but i may just get tired of this game soon and just tell ya what i took .. anywayssss...(i took ecstasy)

so sunday my roomate Javier's friends came to visit him(Jay and Liz) they are both hippy kids who love all the same music as me and such... and Jay, apparently is bi... even tho he has a girlfreind, but anyways he's real cool and so is liz.. so they get here and we smoke out of our new glass bubbler(story on how we got that to follow) and get acquanted with eachother....so later we all decide.. well we wanna do ecstasy..Jay Liz and I have never done it... so we went on the internet and researched it.. and went down the hallway to the local drug dealer and bought some 'X' they were red pills...
so we took them and decided to go downtown... (it said on the internet that it took a half hour to take affect) (btw.. me and Jay took a whole pill and javier and liz split one cuz they are smaller)... so we wait a few minutes for a bus to downtown and when we are just getting to our stop, me and Jay look at eachother and say 'WOW'.... the internet said that when it first starts it is like a launching affect.. and you are launched from one extreme to another in a matter of minutes.... that happened to me and jay on the bus...
so we get off the bus and me and jay have 'peaked' and javier and liz are just launching our way.... now im gonna try my best describing the feelings so bear with me...
the feeling is AMAZING.. it is the feeling of being a carefree child with no cares.. no paranoia.. just a feeling of how everything in the world is perfect.. also it enhanches all of your senses by a thousand....
so we start to walk through the city and get to where all the big skyscrapers are.... its already 11 and the city is pretty dead and no one is around.. so it looked like it was all abandoned.. everything looked so clean and amazing.. we stood staring and screaming at the buildings for what felt like a couple minutes but was really hour er so. then we all started to hug eachother( one of the side effects of 'e' is that it make you very socialable and very sexual) we must have hugged for like a half hour in the middle of a beautifal cobblestone street.. then we decided to make our way back to the dorms.. so we start walking and come across a patch of flowers on the side of the building... and i pick them up and smell them.. and am overwhelmed by the amazing amazing smell.. it was completely enhanced by 1000.. so everyone grabbed a bunch and smelled them.. then we started testing our other senses and started touching everything.. ofcourse everything felt amazing...
this drug was different than any other drug i ever took.. i was in complete control of everything i was doing and have a complete memory of it all ,also it didnt upset my stomach at all or didnt give me a headache... remember everything felt perfect...
so we stop at 7-11 and get something to drink and make it back to the downtown campus to wait for our bus.... and we all go and lay down on the lawn of our campus .. we catch our bus and make it back to the dorms.. now when we get there everyone knows that we're on 'e' and everyone is mad at us.. cuz apparently we bought the last of it in the whole campus and everyone is yelling at us.. but just jokingly.. as we're walkin in everyone we walk by looks at us and just stares in awe and say 'omg your eyes are so so so huge, you guys are on e.. im so jealous'... so we all get back to the room and all get on javier's bed and turn my phish dvd on... we are all touching and feeling eachother btw but we keep assuring eachother that we will not have sex cuz they say.. if you have sex on e that it will be so so so amazingly good that it will make sex not on e crappy.. so we just stuck to touching eachother... then we decided to all sit on the bed indian style and put our hands up against eachother and 'feel eachothers energy'.. now that sounds like the most drug addict thing to do.. but it worked haha it was amazing.. so we started to come down from the e so we decided to go smoke to maybe put us to sleep.. but it didnt put us to sleep it just broght back the effects of e full fold.. we then all tranced into the phish dvd for the whole entire dvd.... i went to my bed and layed down and 'tried' to sleep i dunno if it actually worked tho.. cuz i dont remember if i slept any...
so we all woke up at around the same time.. and it felt like we still had some of the effects of e in us.. but it also felt like we were hungover from drinking.. even tho we didnt drink.. it wasnt the best feeling.. so we all went downtown and went to starbucks.. and then to the mall.. then went back and smoked some more... and after we smoked all the bad hungover feelings went away for me anyways.... and liz and jay headed home
I decided that i will never do ecstasy again(or wont for a long long time) because i can see how it could become a problem.. because it is just too too good....if i were to take somethin all the time that made me feel perfect and carefree.. than that would make every moment that i wasnt on it just not good..... and i dont wanna compare my life(which i think is pretty good now) to something that is just chemically perfect.. so ill just stick to pot.. and maybe shrooms...
BUT yah.. that was my experience with ecstasy!!.. what a long strange trip it was....

so anyways...umm i was involved in a threesome last week.. yah me and 2 other guys in east hall right across from mine....Sean and Matt.. they are boyfreinds and i met them and wound up having a wild threesome with them.. yup yup its true.. an over all pleasing experience if i do say so myself.. im not gonna give many details bout that.. youll just have to ask me.....

oh yah about the glass bubbler me and javier have now..... so our gangsta roomate comes in the other day and says "shit man.. i saw this kid downstairs i havent seen here before.. and i dont like new faces so i said somethin to him and he laughed and i wasnt laughing.. so i fucked him up and stole his stuff" !!!! ha omg isnt that terrible.....well for that kid anyways.. so he gives us this glass water bong. because he said he doesnt like to use it.... this is a $300 dollar peice btw.. and me and javier almost shit ourselves when we got it..... we may sell it or we may keep it. dunno yet.. if we sell it we'll prolly just buy lots of pot tho.. hehe

well i think those were the main important things that happened these past couple weeks..... oh yah in both of the classes i already had and moved on from.. i got B+'s!!!... i was sposed to go to ratdog yesterday but it got cancelled so im goin to galactic and the hackensaw boys next week instead..... also we're all plannin a huge halloween somethin er other starting with a halloween concert on the 30th with Max Creek @ the living room.. then probably partyin it up at some random frat houses on halloween( by that meaning robbing little kids for their candy) what should i be..????

I think thats it.... i have to wake up early tommorow and get my work study job assignment.. so im gonna go to bed

the plans for the weekend: i have class this friday!!!!blah(btw our school hardly ever has friday classes)Saturday plans are in the making for Abby to come and visit me!!!! yay..
and sunday.. i dunno yet.. maybe goin to MiraBar with my straight roomate(strangeeee haha) anyways im done leave sexy comments(without the criticism of me bein a drug addict.. cuz if u kno me .. then u kno im not)

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[26 Sep 2004|09:57pm]
[ mood | restless ]


well its that time again to update about another crazy college weekend....

umm thursday (at JWU my weekend starts on thursdays since we dont have friday classes) anyways i dont quite remember what i did thursday.....i got out of class at around 7 and then did somethin.. i dont remember what hmmmm

on Friday i slept till like 3 in the afternoon then went downtown with Javier and met Amanda, Liz,Brian and neil there we first walked to BarOne.. but there were cops there and it was a little sketchy so we decided not to go there.. then Kaitlyn called and reminded me of the Max Creek Concert at The Living Room.. so i forced everyone to go with Kaitlyn and I.... omg on the way to go meet kaitlyn we were walking thru the city and this group of roller bladers started swarming us and weaving in and out of us with video cameras and all... at first they were all bein all nice and drunkish then they started yellin thigns at us and screamin at us... it was really weird it was like some strange movie.. n e ways they were braggin that they were trippin on acid and blah anyways that was weird.... we got there(ohh after smoking 2 blunts btw) and we pay the cover and get in at the end of their first set...We got a few beers and danced and danced and smoked and danced untill like 2 am it was uber fun everyone enjoyed themselves

so saturday i woke up really late again and kinda stumbled around for a few hours....then Javier's friends from home came to visit him and we all went downtown with Brian.. we were headed to BarOne.. but stopped by the River where they had WaterFire(which is .. they have 100's of metal sculptures lining the middle of the river all lit on fire...with classical music being played thru hundreds of speakers throughout the city) its pretty cool.. even cooler if youre stoned.. so we get to BarOne and get in and get drinks and dance and blah blah stay there for a few hours..... this was the second time ive been there and didnt learn my lesson i guess.... there are too too many straight people there.. all it is is a bunch of horny straight guys wanting sex and doin whatever they have to do to get it..its sickening..... on that note.. i think im goin to Mira Bar again this wedsday lol to be a horny gay guy....

Also Im goin to Club Hell on Tuesday... club hell is this crazy fetish-like bar.. it attracts all the weird unique people from the city.. and on tuesdays attracts lots of gay people apparently so im goin with a few friends i think.....

what else is newwwww..... i dunno hmm..
ya kno what i realized.. ive been 'involved with' 4 different Chrises dont ya think thats weird?? what is it with people named chris? ehhh anyways

blahh that was a crappy update.. anyways leave messages

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[18 Sep 2004|10:09pm]
well well well.. long time no update.. and soo much great stuff has happened...
lets start with weds...
Wednsday i went to my first providence gay club...... i was in the library finishing my report on Gin for mixology class and was on aim on the computer in there and this guy larry from xy imed me and just started talkin to me... and he lives right downstairs from me.. so cool stuff.. n e ways he came to meet me in the library and asked me if i wanted to go to MiraBar with him.. so i threw all my plans of doing my report away and went with him after goin to get changed.... so we get there and we met one of his friends outside and go in..... this place was very interesting... veryyy interesting.. it was retro night so they were playin techno remixes of 80's songs.... the scene was... mostly young hot hothot gay guys with the occasional fat young gay guy... and the older 40 year old gay guys... there was a dance floor. and a second story that overlooked the dance floor.. guys were dancing nearly naked... lots of touching..ha and the cocktail boys who were in speedos only walking around givin out drinks.... oh and on all the tvs they were playing gay porn!... anyways i did dance ah yes i kno.... i was introduced to a few people and will go back :) after the club larry took us back to the dorms and we said our goodbyes....
Thursday last day of last day of class this week!... ofcourse me being the bad terrible kid i am got together with a bunch of people from my class and smoked b4 class.... it went by a lot quicker that way.. after class i went to eat with Meradith, Alex, Dave, Cara and some other random people( alex id the hottest gayest acting straight kid ive ever met!) so after that i went to meet up with javier and we went downtown and met Liz and Amanda there and a few other random people and went to a straight bar this time...BarOne...( most of the bars in prov for some reason serve 18 and up)so we get to the bar and pay a 5 buck cover and go in and start to drink... 4 beers, a pearl harbor, and 2 shots of Jager later im again dancing till im pouring sweat a few hours later i left and went back to my dorm and passed out....
I woke up at like 1 and went to meet Robby at the mall....( i met robby online from xy.com.. he goes to Rhode island college) I met him at the foodcourt and sat and started to talk to him...
wow he is very very talkative.. not bad talkative but good talkative.... i probably kno his whole life story now.. like how he's a buddhist and what he did when he was 7... he was a very interesting person to be around.. anyways we were talkin for about 2 and a half hours.. non stop after that he had to go so we both left.. i went back to jwu downtown camous and met javier there to eat dinner.. then we met Haley, Christy, Erin, someother girl i dont remeber her name.. and Chris( chris is a hot gay guy from new jersey btw) so all of us went the this johnson and wales wrestling team frat party downtown.. we payed 5 bucks to get in and started drinkin and havin a good time.. before i kno it. i am making out with my roomate javier.. and having 4-way kisses with random people we left the party after we were pretty much wasted... javier went with haley and christy and i went with Chris and Jillian.. we get to their dorms and i get signed in and i go to chris's room with him.. and ... lala we umm undress and get in bed(with his roomate sleepin in another bed close by) im not sure if we kept the noise level down but i dont think we woke him..anyways we did finnaly fall asleep and i woke up the next morning(actually afternoon at like 3) next to chris in his bed.. naked.. we got up after some spooning haha and went to his neighbors room(i beleive these people were at the party too) anyways we stayed there for a while and watched sex and the city and stuff... and i got back to my room at around 7 tonight..( so i left my room on friday at 2 in the afternoon and didnt get back till 7 the next night) so here i am..... i washed my clothes and took a shower(to wash the smell of sex off of me) i just got somethin to eat and an sittin here on javiers computer writing this..since my internet still doesnt work...
Tommorow im waking up early to help my mixology teacher do a demo for an open house.... and it looks like tommorow im goin back to Mirabar with chris, Josh and a bunch of random girls.... so that should be fun....

leave lots of comments!...but i dont care if you think im a slut or a pothead or an alcoholic.. so save your breath
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[06 Sep 2004|01:01am]
Well well well the first weekend of college... and what a fucking weekend..... if that was a preview of my 4 years of college... then well its gonna be an amazing time.....

I got here friday... at 930 am foer check-in.. when i got here i had to go thru a bunch of stuff.. liek getting my id card.. and finding my room..and getting my uniforms and then setting up my room..
i was the first one of my roomates to get here.. so i picked the bottom bunk near the window... next Joe came in...
Joe: He is a straght edge kid.. who is very nice.. but a little weird... he's got a good sense of humor .. amd isnty preachy about the straight edge thing
Jean came next...
Jean-Jean is a black guy.. and quite a ghetto black guy.. but he is really nice.... he reminds me of alanzo... and he is a pot head... and now ..apparently i found out tonight, he is a pot dealer(tell ya about that later)
Javier: he's a very nice guy..haha.. he is jamaican and Korean.. and he's sort of an emo kid and sort of a hardcore kid.. he has the personality of ash b and vicki combined.. he's very fun...... also a pot head.. btw
Friday my oarents dropped me off and i was in my room for a whiel getting it ready.. puttin up posters, makin my bed.. settin up my computer etc etc.. met all my roommates.. btw... my room is much bigger nicer and cleaner than i expected... im very happy living here.. so after we got everything finished we all decided to go downtown... downtown is like 2 miles away.. and there are buses from where we are to downtown every 10 minutes till 2 am.. so we took a bus and got dropped off at the downtown campus, the downtown campus is amazing.. it has this amazing lawn(like a lawn you would see in a movie when theyre at a college lol) so we looked around downtown... downtown is amazingly nice.. it is really clean and upscale.. and its a college town so there are college kids everywhere.... we went to brown univ which is an ivy league school right next to mine... there are frathouses everywhere with open dours.. to wild parties inside.. then the dorms are amazing.. and there is somethin goin on at all hours of the night... we made it to the mall .. and the mall!!! ahh it is amazing.. it is 5 stories high.. has a Dave and Busters, an Imax theater and a billion stores its quite amazing....
we made it back to the dorm and just sat around for a while... at around 8 me and javier went downtown again.. and went to our campus and the brown campus.. and a few streets that resembled south street in philly... we walked around.. talked to a few people.. everyine here is nice.. and approachable.. everyine will talk to you.. ive met lots and lots of peoplejust by walkin around... we made our way back to our campus and caught a bus back to our dorm at around 1130... right outside our dorm room we see Jean and he is stoned... so we ask him where he got it... andwe gave him money and he went and bought some for us....... when we got it we went and got a friend we met on th bus...the name i can not remember..., she likes all jamband music and goes to lot of festivals..:) so a music freind was made.. so we got her and went into the neighbore hood and smoked with her.. went back to the dorm listend to phish and fell asleep..phew
Saturday i woke up at liek 7 cuz i had to be awake to take assesment test for math.. i got up got some coffee and a donut sat on a becnh and ate it.. the went and took the test(very very easy.. i got an 89 on one part and an 80 on another) after that my dad came and picke dme up and we went to a music festival......this isnt a post about a music festival tho.. il tell ya about that later. it was great tho....
So This morning after getting some stuff with my parents for the room they dropped me off for good this time.. my mom cried and cried.... they left me and i went to my room.... i sat around for a while, went and got dinner at the harborside campus(blocjk away from here) came back... went to the park and got high with javier.. then came back got joe and went downtown again and suck around brown.... we went back to catch the bus... the people in this school are so hot.... not all gay either(vicki and ashley) a lot of them come out of their room all preppied up and look like models for a gap commercial.. then there are still a bunch of gay guys.. and hot gay guys mmmhmm haha then there are some flaming outrageous gay guys... walking thru the city today i looked at 1 out of two of the groups walking by and thought it resembled the real world a lot! we made it back to our dorms. and watched American Beuty.. aftre that i took a shower(showers and very clean and nice actually btw) now im sitting here and am gonna go to bed soon.. somethins wrong with my aim and it wont work...
Tommorow i have an orientation and workshop at 1030 in the morning.. that will last.. 6 hours.. i have to be fully dressed in my chefs uniform.. that means i have to wake up and iron my stuff in the morning.... after that ill go get dinner and stay around the diorms till i go to bed.. mayeb go to the activities night.. er go to a random movie they have playin on the lawn all the time.. then Tuesday at 13o is my first class.... Beverage/Bar service woo....

so thats it college is good.. i talked to my cousins on the phone today who have all graduated college and they said ym freshman year will be the funnest and best year if my life. and i think he is definatly right.. obviously i am very happy here.. and am happy....
its so weird goin out at night and not havin to worry about tellin my parents when ill get home... or not havin to worry about goin home at all..... so this year... shall be interesting...

k Comment well...
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[31 Aug 2004|11:22pm]

Friday night i had work.... no news there...just a normal crappy night.....

Saturday i started by waking up at around 230 in the afternoon... then i started to pack for college.. i took all the stuff off my walls.... all my tie dye flags and tapestries... etc etc my 400 posters.... my room looks so barren now.... after that.. much later at around 930.. Vicki Ashley and I went to Fantasy Gifts in Turnersville!!!(for any who dont kno fantasy gifts is a store that sells porn/sex toys/lingerie(sp)/and all this other sexual stuff) we went in and looked at all the porn and dildos and stuff... and just giggled a lot liek a bunch of immature little kids.... like we are.. after that we went to applebees to get some food... where we ate and talked and stuff... ohh also.. me and ashley saw this guy that we recognized.. and we didnt kno who he was... so we called hom over to the table and asked him who he was.... and found out it was.. Justin Dupont... he went to highland when we were freshman..he was in my french class!!.. quite random yes.......
after that we went to the parking lot and talked for a while longer...
then Jon Coll called.. the original plan was for ashley and I to go hang out with him(aka smoke pot with him) so i went to go pick him up at work(boston market) and vicki came along just to say hi to him.....
see now..jon coll was sposed to have the illegal substances with him... but cuz he's retarded.. he didnt have it.. so we went to Jim Lamaina's house to try and get some.... struck out there.... then i called Joe K.. and he wasnt around...struck out there too.. then i called justin franco.. and he said he would call me back but he never did...so no pot for us tonight... so we all went to Mike Bishops house.. where him his roomate and this other guy were drinkin.. so we joined the party... had lots of fun actualy even without the illegal substances... later me and ashley drove jon home.. then aimlessly drove around glen oaks( wink wink) then figured we didnt wanna go home yet so we went back to bishops...and stayed till like 230 er so.. I took ashley home.. and we said our goodbyes...My best friend left me for college..and ill soon be leaving too..quite an ordeal.....
i got home at like 3 am and went home and went to bed...
My dad woke me up at liek 830.. and we got ready to go to Maryland to a music fest.. we drove pretty muchg straight thru.. stopping in delaware for some college goods... we stopped and got some beer and chinese food to bring into the parking lot.... we got there.. and it was packed and the oarking lot was crowded with lots of young kids havin a good time..so we joined in drank a bunch of beer walked around talkin to random people.. played frisbee etc etc.... we picked up our tix at will-call and went into the show(row f!!!) we got there when Del Mccoury was starting( a straight bluegrass band) after that was.. the Sam Bush band( a progressive bluegrass/jamband with electric and acoustic stuff) that was very good)... after that was the acoustic planet tour!!. it started with Yonder Mountain String band..who played for an hour..bringin out bela fleck for a couple songs.. at the end of the yonder set.. Keller Williams came out and played 'cant stop till you get enough' with them( a micheal jackson song) during that song one by one yonder left the stage leaving keller williams to do his set...
Keller Williams was great.. he's hard to explain.. he plays guitar in thsi weird john mayer-ish way... he's on stag by himself.. with about 20 other instruments....what he does is.. he'll play the guitar and he'll play a rythm peice on his guitar and he'll record a peice of it.. then he'll stop playin ght eguitar and play the peice he recorded over and over again.. and then he'll pick up a bass and play with the recorded music and record a peice of the bass playing.. and he'll do this opver and over again with 20 different instruments... until he has this amazing recording of all these instruments playing one song in unison.. then he takes his guitar and improvises over it!!.. it was great....
after that members of Bela Fleck and the flecktones came out and played with keller one by one till the whole bad was with him.. then keller left and it was just Bela fleck and the flecktones playing..... it was so great how it worked out.. all three bands played for 4 hours without a setbreak.....
for the encore all the poeple who played all day came out on stage and played a few songs(including a led zeppelin song, all along the watch tower, and come together) it was fun...
Monday i slept till liek 3 in the afternoon then went to my last day of work...
Today i woke up at like 11..(oh yah the power went out in the middle of the night for a couple hours!) i went with my dad to walmart and target and finished my college shopping.. i got an area rug.. and boxers.. and fun tac... and socks... and flip flops for the showers.. and this cool shower cady thinger.. and all this shaving stuff.. and lots of other random stuff....
tommorow i have to pack up my computer and printer and stuff.. then pack all my clothes into boxes and stuff like that...
and i leave late thursday night....
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[27 Aug 2004|01:59am]

i felt like takin pics and playin with photoshopCollapse )

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[07 Aug 2004|12:42am]
[ mood | i need to poop ]

well i havent had a real update in a while.... so whats new

I went to a music festival july 15- the 18th with my dad in new yourk state... we had lots of fun.. i drank and smoked and drank.. and stayed up til dawn everynight playing music and jammign with complete strangers.. i had a gerat time... i also met Mike Gordon from Phish there!! that was cool... Donna The Buffalo was there and put on an amazing show in the dance tent....i danced for 3 hours

I found this guy i work with on xy.com(teen gay website).. i dunno why i shared that.. but it was cool.... cuz i knew he was gay but i didnt.... I imed him and he said he knew i was gay... cuz "we shared eye contact with eachother that was gay" and how when ever we passed eachother in the restaraunt there was lots of unnecasary touching.. thats happeneing with this other guy i work with too... i just cant wait till i have an orgy in the walk in freezer with my fellow gay don pablos employees.....

What else is new.. i havent been doin much at all... ive been hangin out with chris... and was with stef,lauren and kurt..... and ashley. and rosie and them peeps.. a pretty laid back summer(without the whole working thing)

this past wed. i went to scranton with my dad to see The Dead.. they played up there at a place a little smaller then the tweeter center.. it was sold out when we got there(luckily we bought tix) we drove up there and got into the parking lot early and partied( the dead parking lot is similar to the flea market hippy roads written in my last post) there was lots of stuff goin on... like nitrous and numerous drugs everywhere.. it was fun.. i bought some hippy thinger and ate it then went into the show.. it was a great set they played some real good songs.. i liked it.....
we stayed in a hotel that night then the next day took a long way home and stopped at Knoebels grove and rode 2 roller coasters the bumber cars and a world famous haunted mansion ride then we came home...

Today i did nothing cept slept and worked..
Tommorow is my god fathers annual party at his house.. im goin and am gonna be there all day.. and night...a few people that i went with to bonnaroo will be there plus a few old festival freinds... Ill be drinking and smoking and eating and playing music late into the night.. should be fun

Sunday is THE DEAD at the Tweeter center.. we have good seats inside the tweeter(no lawns seats for us) im goin early ofcourse for the parking lot parties.. im planning on buying 'stuff' to bring home.. like maybe about 50 bucks of 'stuff' and i wanna buy a device to use the 'stuff' in.. we'll see... The show is sold out!... haha fuck you warped tour people.. the dead is one(1!!!) band playing at the tweeter center and can sell out saturday and sunday but warped tour has like 30 bands and cant even sell out 1 day.. pshh go hippies and jamband music!!! wooo .. ha anyways

weds. im leaving for yet another music festival.. FLOYDFEST

this one is a smaller one but very well put together and run...theres lots of reggae/world music/jambands/cajun/jazz and lots more there plus Donna The Buffalo for 2 days! oh yah!.. this is a cool festival go look at it.. i cant describe it www.floydfest.com
so ill be there til sunday and will be commin back on monday.. ill have a great time

so when i come back it will be the 16th leaving about 2 and a half weeks til i leave for college.... ive been more quickly getting ready for college... slowly piling things that im takin with me in the corner of the living room...ive been gettign winter clothes out.. and mass producing cd's to bring.... ive been dreaming about college almost everynight now.. cuz im getting more and more anxious.. i never posted this but i got my class schedule..
i have a 4 day school week from monday-thursday.. and my classes are from 130 in the afternoon till 700.....ill only have one class every 10 days for 7 hours a day of intense learning and hands on learning.. my first class is Principles of Beverage Service .. then Nutrition and Sensory Analysis..then..Fund of Foodservice Production ..then..Purchasing & Product Ident ..then..the last of this term..Skills of Meatcutting... those classes will go until novemver 18th.. starting november 19th ill have a 11 day break and after that(after thanksgiving) ill start my second term(there are 3 terms) i cant wait!!!
ive been talkin to some poeple from providnce and its gonna beahh so great!!!

okie im goin to bed! nightt


[04 Aug 2004|12:44am]
okie.. i have some time and im in a nostalgic mood right now.. so im gonna give an update about bonnaroo.. even if none of you care about it.. i wanna write it down for myself..

**warning... this contains graphic drug-related material.. straightedge people beware**

Okie so the original plan was to leave on thursday(the10th of june?) at around 5 in the afternoon... so i get to Matt's house(im goin with 5 other guys) and i unload all my stuff and put it into his car... and we get a call from another person who is goin with us... he was comming from the airport from boston from school.. and his plane was delayed... so everyone arrived except the one from boston... we pack up the minivan in which we rented and begin to wait..... so while we're waitin we decide.. ya kno.. why not.. we have lots of pot.. and lots of beer.. we were dissapointed that we didnt get on the road in time.. so weed and beer would make us feel a lot better..... so we begin to smoke and drink(not so much drink)... So at around 10 at night finnaly the guy from boston arrives.. and comes to see us all feeling really really good.. so he starts to drive..... i dont remember the first 2 hours of the drive...

the drive was 12 hours long.. so we decided we would switch drivers every 2 hours.... and after every 2 hours we would sop at a gas station er restaraunt or rest stop and change drivers.... but thats not all.. everyone except the person who is driving would get out where ever we were and ofcourse.. smoke.... i mean gettin high in the back of a 7-11 is the best..
so we drove thru the night.... i thought this was awesome... every so often on the road.. we would see a bunch of people in a car near us with "bonnaroo' painted on it.. we must have seen 100's of cars that were headed to bonnaroo.. it was so cool to kno that so so many people from everywhere in the country was headin to the same place...

so we get to manchester(the town of bonnaroo) and so starts the traffic... a few miles from the turn off of the highway we see thousands of cars parked along the side of the road for miles and miles... we were dumb founded to find out that that was the line! to get in! so we get in the back of the line...... now this is a traffic jam to beat all traffic jams... every 20 minutes the line would move 500 feet. and then stop... so again we were dissapointed.. and what do we do.... get out of the car( as everyone was doing) play frisbee ,smoke(as everyone was doin) , drink( as everyone was doin) and just start our weekend.... we had a lottt of fun in line actually....
So 8.. count them 8 hours later we get to the entrance of the festival...
they direct us where to camp.. and we are in the campground furthest away from the stages.... it was about a mile away from all the stages and stuff like that... so we set up our stuff... and begin to get.. fucked up again drinkign and smoking abd drinking and smoking and we make our way to the music....
now.. i ahve a hard time explaining this.. 'scene' to people who dont go to phish shows or dead shows.. but imagine an outdoor flea market.. now instead of thse people selling normal stuff... imagine them selling clothes.. food beer alcohol, bongs, pipes, and every kind of drug you can ever imagine.. out in the open.. this is all happening on the roads of the campgrounds.. miles and miles and miles of it.. and seas of people walking down these roads buying everything... this was very very sureall to see people sellign all these drugs out in the open and haveing no one object to it.. no cops er anything.... i mean not just pot( but there were people with pounds of it) but.. stuff like cocaine, and heroin, and vicodin, and shrooms,, and acid..... everything.... there were people walking around screaming things liek ... "got your coke"... "come ane get your acid".. "ill find any drug you want for 5 bucks"... "buy 2 ounces of shrooms and get a free bud".... it was very weird to see thaty goin on so freely..... now im not saying this was gerat havin cocaine and heroin around.. but people who dont wanna do that stuff just dont do it.. like me i didnt do stuff liek that.. but it was in ample display...

so anyways.. we get to the music.. and we et there in time to see Dave Mathews and freinds.. it was allright.....
the stage was amazing.. it was ten stories high and had thousnads of lights on it.. and a gigantic light up bonnaroo sign.... and everywhere aroudn the stage areas were art deco sculptures and fountains and lights and traveling musicians and fire breathers..... so dave mathews ends....at midnight.. and the late night shows start on the different stages.. so im fishing back and forth between.. vida blue and umphreys Mcgee until 4 am getting higher and higher and listening to this great music.. it was amazing.... during all that was the Mardi Gras parade.. they had lots and lots of huge floats with people in costumes and in stilts.. it was great people throwing beads givin out vodka and alcohol... and and the grand mashall of the parade was none other than.... Willian Hung.. the american idol guy.... hahahaha it was so so so weird just seein him there
at the end of the music we assemble and make our way back to our camp.... buying special brownies on the way and nitrous balloons..... so again by the time we get back to our camp we are fuckered up.. and continue to bake out our tents and fall asleep at around dawn only to wake up.. not 2 hours later...


we wake up we are all still high and hungover.. now the only thing to cure a hangover is.. well to just start drinkin again.... so .. we do.. we eat breakfast and .. indulge more and more into illegal activities.. the music starts at noon.. so we stock up( pot beer vodka and red bulls) and head to the music and plan to stay all day.... we get there at noon the see the hackensaw boys.. a crazy bluegrassy fast cajun jamband that wer really really good.. after that was acoustic syndicate at the 'this' tent.. followed by Gomez at the 'which' stage i left the group to go see the Del Mccoury band the the this tent.. very very good bluegrass band.. then head over to the main stage('what' stage) to see Gov't Mule an allman brothers side band.. they were amazing.... after that back to the which stage to see My Mornign Jacket... they were great.... after that was the sam bush band..... after the sam bush band.. we all re assembled(i dunno how we foudn eachother) and went to the comedy tent... where the upright citezens brigade(yes from comedy central) were playin we sat there a while then.. ha got high.. and found a field and played frisbee.. if youve never played frisbee stoned.. u have to try it.. i think i remmebr we were so out of it.. that we were hitting eachother in the heads with the frisbee and hitting other people and not even caring.. haha it was so great... we started to walk back to our camp for dinner.. and it started to pour.. the rain didnt stop anyone we just kept walkin and got soaked and didnt care at all.. we got back to our camp and ate and waited out the rain..... we started back to the show at around 9.. to head and see.. The Dead.. mmm they were so so so great they played until midnite.. and we stayed for the late night sets again.. goin back and forth between...Cut Chemist, Ween, Robert randolf, and tokyo ska paradise orchestra.. all were amazing..... after that it was pretty much the same as the night before slowly makin our way back to our camp.. and bakin out our tents.. and sleeping for 2 hours....


the day started out like starurday did.. with pot, beer, nitrous and red bull.. but with one added thing... shrooms(kevin tells all) someone came by our camo selling shrooms baked in chocolate.. so we all bought some and ate them.. adm headed towards the music... to to describe that sensation... u feel like you are floating.. and u feel like u have an in depth perception and all of your senses are amplified by 1000.. i could remember standing and watching Moe... and look at a few people hundreds and hundres of feet away from me and block everything else out.. and hear there exact conversation.. word by word.. take it they are not talkin to me and in normal circumstances i wouldnt be able to hear them.. but i did.. i had the same affect listening to the music.. just standing there staring at the stage blocking everything else out.. all noises and sights except the stage and being completely 'into' for hours... it took someone minutes just to get my attention..... so after moe.. was Guster( yay fa fa..) they were greatttt..mhm.. then was david byrne from the talking heads.. than medeski martin and wood.. then Trey anastasio from phish to end the shows of the whole fest.....
Trey was amazing for his first set he conducted a 31 peice nashville symphony orchestra to play all phish songs.. it was really really amazing and so new and cool.... for the second set he played with his side band.. whish is him on gutiar and a bass player and rummer and a huge horn section. it was great.. at the end of one of his songs he struck a note.. and firworks started to go off from every direction.. in sync with the music.. hundreds and hundreds of them.. huge proffesional fireworks(it was the largets firworks display in the south ever) it was amazing just amazing.. it was one of those u had to be there moments....

after that we went back to camp.. it was around midnight and drank the rest of our beer and smoked the rest of our pot.. and slept a couple hours.. monday morning we woke up with the erst of the 150000 people and headed on our way home.. 12 more hours later we were home at around11 at night on that monday.... i went to school adn work the next day... btu if you remember me when i cameback that day.. u knew i wasnt there really. i had a weed/beer/nitrous/shrrom hangover(apparently u can have them)

that weekend i did not go longer than an hour without being high or drunk.. and slept a total of 5 hours in 4 days.. who knows how many brain cells i lost.. but eh.. i dont care.. i had the most amazing time of my life.. and will be back for bonnaroo 2005!!
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[03 Aug 2004|02:37pm]

okie well i never updated about Bonnaroo..... i had the most amazing time of my life there and it deserves an update... im slowly forgetting the whole thing cuz  i took so many....'skittles' that weekend......  60 bands.. 6 stages and 150 thousand people... ill give you an in depth update about it later    but for now... pictures!!!!



bonnaroo picsCollapse )

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[27 Jul 2004|02:55am]
i dont care if anyones mad....

cuz im happppppyy..

see--- :) :) :) ---- smiles

I love Vicki and Stef... they are both having horrible days.. feeeeeel betttter!!! i love you both(that comment above didnt pertain to u two)

off to bed
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[25 Jul 2004|11:05pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Name: Kevin
Birthday: May 12th
Birthplace: Vineland
Current Location: My basement
Current School: Ill be a freshman at Johnson and waled university in providence rhode island
Current Job: Don Pablos
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown... with a little blond highlights left
Righty or Lefty: Righty.
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Innie or Outtie: Innie
Religion: pshh.. god? if i should worship god because he died for us... then should i worship a chicken.. cuz i had chicken for dinner tonight.. and it died for me

Series 2: Who is...?

the prettiest male you know: Christian Maugeri is pretty
the prettiest female you know: hmm i dunno
The weirdest person you know: this person i work with what a weirdo
the Loudest Person you Know: i dunno
the Quietest Person you Know:Justine
the Sweetest Person you Know: decker
the Sexiest Person you Know: well at this point.. ditto
Your close friends: Ashley, Decker, Abby
the Person that Knows the Most about you: Ashley and Abby
the person you love the most in the whole entire world right now forever: love is a strong word
your Crush?: ditto from above
Most Boring Teacher: Ms. Gordon.. plus she was fat

Series 3: What is...?

your most overused phrase on aol: 'lol'
the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning: Fuck i dont wanna go to work in 10 minutes.. and why do i have an erection
last image/thought you go to sleep with: picturing someone naked
your best feature: i dunno.. u tell me
your greatest accomplishment: getting into JWU and getting lots of money to go there
your most missed memory: Being around all my festival freinds when i was really young

Series 4: Do You...?

take a shower everyday: Yes
have a(any) crush(es): well yah.. u can call it a crush
think you know you've been in love: i dunno what love is
want to get married: its not quite legal right now
Believe in yourself: yes
have any tattoos/where?: Not yet....
piercings/where?: nope
get motion sickness: nope
think you're a health freak: No
get along with your parents: yes i do
like thunderstorms: Yes

Series 5: Your Future:

Age you hope to be married?:...
Number and Names of Children: unless i adopt it wont be possible.. unless there are modern advances in medicine.. but i dont think i wanna be around to see that
Where do you see yourself at age 20?: In college
Descibe your Dream Wedding:Outside... somewhere tropical..
What do you want to be when you grow up?: chef :)
What country would you most like to visit?: Japan er china.. er Italy

Series 6: what you think of the same(ps i had to get rid of the word 'opposite') sex?

best eye color?: hmm green... blue....brown
best hair color?: black.. brown
short or long hair?: in the middle
best height?: close to my height
best articles of clothing?: im not too big on clothes.. but hot tight pants and a tight t shirt... mhmm
best first date location?: Doesn't matter
best first kiss location?: Doesn't matter as long as its with the right person
describe your dream mate: i dunno what a dream mate is

series 7: Other:

What do you Wear to bed?: boxers
when's the last time you slept with a stuffed animal?: i dunno.. its been a while
How many rings until you answer the phone?: 2
What's on your mouse pad?:'Philly fun Guide' i got it for free
How many houses have you lived in?: One
How many schools have you gone to?: Three
What color is your bedroom carpet?:Blue
Are you in love?: ..
Have you ever been in love?: ..
Are you sexually active?: Yes
Do you have a significant other?: yes.. u can call it that
How well do love and sex go together?: Pretty well. They're also fine alone
Would you ever give oral sex in a random hookup?: Maybe, depends
Do you even do random hookups?: sadly it will probably happen
Have you ever been a "slut" or a "player" in a serious manner?: No
Do you use people?:noo
Been used?: i dunno.. if i was bein used i didnt catch on
Do you believe in waiting until marriage to have sex?: ...
Have you ever had a crush on a friend's boy/girlfriend?: yes
Have you ever done anything with a friend's boy/girlfriend?: yes
Is it really better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?: i dont like that question.. it hurts my brain
Has anyone ever used a pick up line on you?: yah.. but it was in a sexual way... and they already had my attention
Do you like bad boys?: Yes
What's your favorite toy(s)?: lego??
Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: No
Do you joke about sex a lot?: Yes
Can you relate anything to sex?: Just about
When was the last time you got some?: Thursday :)
Is there someone you're longing to be with right this very second? Yes
So, what's your ideal romantic date?: i duno doesnt matter just bein woth someone
If you liked someone and they asked you out, but they didn't believe in sex before marriage, would you turn them down?: yes
Does someone's social status/reputation have an effect on whether you would say yes or no if they asked you out?: No
Would you date someone who would be likely to get you in trouble?: yah
What about masturbating, do you do it?: Everyone does
Ever been caught masturbating? No
Ever been caught doing something sexual with someone? i got caught making out on the beds at strawbridges the other day
Ever walked in on your parents having sex?: No thankfully
Do you carry condoms even if you never end up using them?: No
Would you/have you ever skinny dipped?: yes i have
Have you had sex?: Yes
More than 50 times? no
Have you ever given anyone a blow job?: Yeah
you ever fingered someone?: Yes
If you haven't done any of the above, would you?: N/A
If someone paid you, would you have sex with someone of the same sex as you?: haha they dont need to pay me
Are You Straight or Gay? Gay
If you could, would you look in on someone having sex? Depends who it is
Would you look in on your parents having sex? Are you fucking serious? No.. kill yourself
Girls, have you ever been pregnant? not a girl(shutup ashley and rosie)
Guys, your girl ever been pregnant? ha
Do you think any of your siblings are sexy? fuck you
Have you ever had oral sex? Yes
Have you ever had sex with a stranger? no
If not, do you want to? Depends
Which one are you more afraid of getting...Aids or Pregnant?: def aids since.. u kno.. i cant get pregnant

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[29 Jun 2004|12:37am]
I realized today that i have no cares or worries in my life right now... at all!!!
my love life is progressing, i have a core of great freinds
I keep having plans every night of my summer(cept tonight)

i went out with dave last night.. we went and saw Dodgeball(funny funny movie.. i still cant figure out if it was 'stupid in a funny way' or 'funny in a stupid way') after the movie we drove around haddonfeild and tried to get starbucks but it was closed...

*insert embarrasing moment here*

i origianaly thought i was gonna have a party saturday night but instead im goin to my aunts beach house for the weekend.. they're havin a big party..(with a keg) and i wanna be there.. all my cousins and family are gonna be there.. it should be fun... so you'll have to take a raincheck on that party..

Matt(from bonnaroo) called me today and told me of a college party at his house in collingswood some day this week with all the people i went to bonnaroo with.. so i may go to that... depends if i get a ride er if my mom lets me stay the night..

i think im goin to another music festival the 15th -the 18th .. but with my dad this time... ill go if i can get off work.. money is not a problem( btw.. the current gifted money for grad. is... $3500!! hehe sorry i kno no one! wants to kno that)

i think thats all byee
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I Like how everything is supposidely blowing up around me but I really havent thought about it [27 Jun 2004|11:46pm]
allright guys really thats enough!

lets stop being all highschool-ish...
i do agree that writing her name on the track was completely childish and stupid.. Allright i get it it was the worst thing i could have done... but guys!! its just words its not the end of the world.. dont make somethin that i did such a big deal with your lives... cuz really was i a big part of your life anyway? Just move on..You dont have to forgive me u dont have to be my freind.. but dont let it take over every thought in your head.. its really not worth it..

Its your fucking summer... stop caring about it... i have.. if that means you have to stay away from me all summer.. then thats what u have to do... but really.. thats enough

I wont be arguing with ANYONE... so if you come to me yelling and telling me how bad a person i am just be ready for me not to argue back and to just not get into anything.. i refuse to let this make my summer bad.... ive said it b4.. but IM DONE i dunno who you are all gonna fight with if im not gonna fight back..

[06 Jun 2004|12:47am]
[ mood | chipper ]

ok hmm what happened since my last post..

friday.. i went to school.. nuthin special there.. i came home... and sat around for a while.. than i went to work...

after work i changed in the car and went to go pick up dave in collingswood somewhere.. i made it there allright(after asking some indian where the hell i was) he asked me to take hi freind home (megan) who was over.. and i met her she was nice.....and i met him obviously... and he's hot...im really not shallow tho(ROSIE!!) but i did think he was good looking... shaggy black hair.. a little taller than me tight shirt...mhm.. haha so the first impressions were goood.. then we talked(dont worry no lisp or use of the word 'accesories' or 'fabulous') so then we went to Loews in cherry hill to see a movie.. we wound up seeing Raising Helen.. cuz we didnt wanna see troy.. or kill bill2 and he already saw the day after tommorow and shrek2.... but the movie was good i liked it....after the movie we drove around.. then i took him home.. cuz it was already like 130...

dont worry freinds... NO AIDS.. he's a very innocent sex free kid.. he didnt even kiss on the first date

But i like him... he's a lot like me... in that we're both not too experienced with.. anything at all.. so we can both.. just test each other out...... what else about him.. he plays soccer and runs track... so he's a little bit of a jock and is in good shape
so yes there will be a second date

Today , Gloucester township day was cancelled.. so i wen tback to sleep instead of waking up to go..
then i went to work,, ti was really busy.. it was 100% full for 2 hours straight... blah it was bad.. but they let me leave at 930.. and i went to my uncle fred's house.. where they we playing music.. so i got my mandolin and went .. Bob Doug and Meg were there and we played for a few hours.. than my dad.. and my drunk mom show up.. after bein at a graduation party er somethin... then i went home.. and here i am

tommorow im wakin up early an goin tothe berlin mart to buy some things for my trip.. then im goin to pick up ashley at noon and go to gloucester township day for a little bit.. than i have to be in work at 5

I leave for bonnaroo in..4 days!!!!!!yay yay yay

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BONNAROOOOOOOOOO [03 Jun 2004|09:28pm]
[ mood | Fuckin excited ]


omg omg omg  you have no idea how excited i am....

I just finalized my plans for bonnaroo!.. i leave thursday afternoon and drive all night and get to tennesee the next morning!!!!   i am looking forward to it so soo much  i cant think of anything else......omg  this time next week i will be on my way to bonnaroo(probably in or around virginia)  im so excited  i dont kno how im gonna exist til i leave next week without exploding


and ya kno that place we call school??  yah im not gonna do a damn thing now....  any teacher who trys to teach me.. i will slap in the face.. and roughly clear there desks with my arm(haha ashley inside joke)

ahhhh  i need to take some nyquil so ill actually get some sleep.. i better go buy a bottle.....

i have a feeling that somethin is gonna ruin this.. like im gonna break my arm er somethin... i guess ill have to be careful  really careful....  ill wrap myself in bubble wrap for 7 days if thats what it takes!

ahh so anyways.. school tommorow...  i guess i dont mind it  since  i wont be learning  and will just be socializing with freinds...  after school.. ill come home and nap   than go to work.. and  than to pick up dave at his house..... i think we're goin to the movies  and than out to eat.. that should be fun....

saturday  i have to go shopin for bonnaroo!....i have a few things to get...i need lots of sun tan lotion and a cell phone charger for a car....i dont think ill make it to gloucester township day   cuz ill be getting stuf ready  than i have work at 6.....  oh well... im only gonna be dissapointed about missing the fireworks.. everything else sux

sunday ill be packing again  then work at 6...

and monday thru thursday  i plan on doing as little school work as possible.. than goin to work  than commin home and sleeping to pass the time..ahh  okie  ure gonna have to deal with my rambling til i leave...so dont shoot me




heres a list of bands that are gonna be there againCollapse )

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[02 Jun 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Omg i saw this unbeleivably gay guy who works at CVS today.. he really made me feel bad that i am in the same catagory as him.... and when people think gay they think of flaming people like that if youve ever seen him you kno what i mean.. yuk anyways.. school was allright today... uneventful as usual today is my day off of work.. i have nuthin to do... I cant wait till Bonnaroo.. if you cant tell i am realllllyyyy excited about going.. its gonna be amazing my weekend is busy tho... friday out with dave... saturday out with abby and carly and .. well nuthin sunday.. but thats a good start

survey stolen from mangCollapse )

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yah yah yah [02 Jun 2004|06:47am]
[ mood | Bipolar ]

so yah.. im bipolar

fuck that last entry haha... even tho some people do still piss me off...

Im in a much better mood...

I m goin out friday after work with this guy Dave who ive been talkin to online for a while.... He's 17 and lives in collingswood.... I can assure to all my freinds who wanna look out for me that this one definatly doesnt have AIDS!!!!
Lets hope that he doesnt pull a chase and be completely different from his picture... i dunno where were gin yet.. i think movies... than out to eat.. it should be fun.. im looking forward to it....

hmm what else.. BONNAROO.............!!!!!!!!!
i leave in 8 days!! they just added a comedy stage to the festival with all these comics:(i havent heard of too many of them but i hear theyre pretty well known):"Louis CK, Kyle Grooms, Todd Barry, Rich Vos, Bonnie McFarlane, Tony Woods, Mike Birbiglia, and Bill Burr. You'll recognize these laugh specialists from a host of network and cable television shows and specials, including Premium Blend, Comedy Central Presents, the Late Show with David Letterman, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. They'll perform in two showcases, repeating twice a day Thursday through Sunday. On top of all that, New York City's Upright Citizen's Brigade comedy troupe will present "Yankee Tent Fart," a special Bonnaroo-themed improvisational show, twice a day on Saturday and Sunday."

theres nothing better than knowing im gonna be leaving new jersey for 5 days

ok off to school.... theres not really any learning going on... its just a social activity among freinds now


I only went to see him... He never came to see me [01 Jun 2004|05:23pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

blah i dont feel good today.. i dont know why.. no i lied i do kno why...
i should be feeling great cuz its June! and im a senior! but yah whatever

Im tired of hearing how wonderful everyone is.. and im tired of being jealous... i really need to find someone to care about and to care about me

I wanna give in and go out with one of these people from xy.... but a lot of them are either 26 or are really ugly and just want sex....
and since im goin away in september does that mean i cant get into any relationships?
im lonely will that change in college?

fuck it im just in a depressing mood

I have work tonight.. but im off tommorow.. with nothing to do ofcourse...

I leave for bonnaro next wednsday!! i am excited about that....il be working till then.. and when im not working ill be packing and getting things together
the people who im going with decided to rent a van so i have to pay for that....

im done nothing else to say


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